Biden Harris Philadelphia Event Falls Flat Attendees Needed Elmo for Excitement

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris recently held an event in Philadelphia for black outreach, which ended up being a total disaster. The attendance was so low that they had to bring in Elmo and a marching band to try to create some excitement. It was quite sad to see how they struggled to fill up even half of the gym, with most of the space taken up by the press.

During the event, Kamala Harris made false claims about Trump and student loan debt, healthcare, and social security. Then when Joe Biden took the stage, things went from bad to worse. His speech was filled with slurred words, brain breaks, and nonsensical comments. Biden resorted to race-baiting and spreading misinformation about Trump, including outrageous claims about tear gas and peaceful protests. 


It’s concerning to see the leader of our country struggling to speak coherently and resorting to divisive tactics. The fact that Biden is unable to articulate his thoughts clearly raises questions about his ability to govern effectively. The pandering and lies coming from him are truly shameless and do a disservice to the American people.

This event in Philadelphia is just another example of the incompetence and dishonesty that seems to plague the Biden administration. It’s time for voters to see through the facade and demand better leadership for our country. The conservative viewpoint highlights the importance of honesty, integrity, and respect in our leaders, qualities that were sorely lacking in this campaign event.

Written by Staff Reports

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