Biden-Harris Ship Sinks Ahead of 2024, Trump Leads in GA Polls!

In a disastrous turn of events for the Democrats, it appears that the winning duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris from 2020 is quickly turning into a sinking ship for the upcoming 2024 election. The Democrats are in full panic mode, desperately trying to find a replacement for either Biden or Harris, or perhaps both.

Recent poll results from Georgia have only added fuel to the fire. According to a new Emerson College/The Hill survey, voters in Georgia are showing a preference for Donald Trump over Biden by a narrow margin. The numbers worsen when Harris and other potential candidates are introduced, with Trump leading by significant margins.

It seems that no amount of brainstorming for a replacement candidate, whether it’s Harris or the California Governor Gavin Newsom, is doing the Democrats any favors. In fact, the poll results indicate that replacing Biden with another candidate like Harris or Newsom would be even more detrimental to their chances of winning the 2024 election.

Despite Biden’s puzzling inability to speak coherently or tackle small staircases, not to mention the mounting accusations of corruption, it seems like the Democrats are stuck with him as their best shot at competing against Trump. It may be a chilling thought for Democrats, but it looks like it’s Biden or bust for them.





Written by Staff Reports

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