Biden & Harris Toast Roe v. Wade, Ignoring America’s Pro-Life Voice!

In a classic display of liberal hypocrisy, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are applauding the anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade ruling, despite the fact that it was rightfully overturned by the Supreme Court in June 2022.

Biden shamelessly proclaimed, “Fifty-one years ago today, the Supreme Court recognized a woman’s constitutional right to make deeply personal decisions with her doctor—free from the interference of politicians. Then, a year and a half ago, the Court made the extreme decision to overturn Roe and take away a constitutional right.” The nerve to call a decision that restores the rights of the unborn and protects the sanctity of life “extreme” is truly astonishing.

Adding insult to injury, Biden went on to spew fear-mongering rhetoric about women’s health being at risk, blaming Republican officials for supposedly endangering women’s lives with “extreme and dangerous abortion bans.” These baseless claims conveniently ignore the fact that most Americans support restrictions on abortion, with a majority favoring a ban at 15 weeks. But of course, facts and public opinion have never been obstacles for the Biden-Harris duo.

It’s no surprise that Biden and Harris are shamelessly promoting their radical pro-abortion agenda, going so far as to call for federal support and codification of the procedure. Their unwavering support of abortion up until the moment of birth is out of touch with the vast majority of Americans and disregards the rights of the unborn, but they have no qualms about exploiting the issue for their own political gain. Such shameless pandering to the extreme left is a slap in the face to the values and beliefs of millions of Americans.

In the face of this leftist propaganda, the pro-life movement has continued to stand strong, with thousands of Americans gathering in Washington D.C. to advocate for the rights of the unborn. Despite the liberal agenda being pushed by the Biden administration, the true voices of the American people are making themselves heard, rejecting the radical abortion policies that Biden and Harris are so fervently promoting. As the battle for the unborn rages on, conservatives across the nation remain steadfast in their commitment to protecting the sanctity of life and upholding the values that make America great.

Written by Staff Reports

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