Biden-Hunter Scandal Explodes: Prez Caught in Lies!

On Monday, Representative Dan Goldman of the Democrat Party gave a stunning admission that President Joe Biden did, in fact, have regular conversations with his son Hunter Biden’s business associates. This revelation came to light during the testimony of Devon Archer, Hunter’s former best friend and business partner.

Goldman appeared flustered when questioned about whether this contradicted President Biden’s previous statement that he had never spoken to any of Hunter’s business associates. His response was to stumble and fumble in an attempt to downplay the significance of these conversations. But let’s call it what it is: a tacit acknowledgment that the President has been less than truthful with the American people.

In typical Democrat fashion, Goldman tried to justify these conversations by suggesting that it’s perfectly normal for a father to interact with his son’s associates. Seriously? Are we supposed to believe that the President saying “hello” to someone his son is having dinner with is just an innocuous greeting? Come on, folks. Let’s not be naive here.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, a staunch conservative, didn’t waste any time in pointing out the hypocrisy of the situation. She reminded us that Archer was asked by Hunter himself why he was arrested by appointees from the Obama-Biden Administration. Hunter seemed to suggest that it was just a consequence of being part of a powerful family, as if the “price of power” grants them immunity from the same rules that apply to ordinary Americans.

Archer’s testimony during Monday’s hearing before the House Oversight Committee was absolutely damning. He claimed that President Biden had spoken to his son’s business partners approximately 20 times. While Archer tried to downplay the nature of these conversations as mere pleasantries about the weather, we all know that’s just political spin. Republicans, like Representative Greene, see this as evidence of the Bidens being involved in shady dealings.

The implications of Archer’s testimony are significant. It raises questions about the Biden family’s involvement in Hunter’s foreign business ventures, particularly in relation to Burisma. According to Archer, mentioning the Biden name was enough to intimidate people and protect the company from facing the consequences of its actions. It’s clear that the Biden family brand was used as a shield to avoid accountability.

This new development could be the turning point in the potential impeachment inquiry against President Biden. The Judiciary Chairman and Oversight member, Jim Jordan, has described the deposition as “very productive,” suggesting that Archer’s testimony has provided the committee with crucial information. It’s time for the truth to come out, and if the Bidens are implicated in corruption, they should be held accountable, just like any other American.

The fact that Archer testified in a relaxed manner, despite his impending prison sentence for defrauding millions of dollars, shows a lack of remorse and suggests that he believes he will be protected by those in power. It’s a sad reminder of the entrenched corruption that exists within the political elite.

So let’s not brush this under the rug like so many other scandals in Washington. Let’s demand transparency, accountability, and justice. The American people deserve to know the truth about the Biden family’s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings, and if laws were broken, those responsible should face the consequences. We cannot tolerate a two-tiered justice system where the powerful and well-connected walk free while the average citizen suffers. It’s time to drain the swamp once and for all.

Written by Staff Reports

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