Biden Ignores Debate Disaster, Shifts Focus to Trump in Campaign Strategy

Joe Biden’s new master plan to salvage his floundering 2024 presidential campaign: just stop talking about it. After the calamity that was the June 27 debate, where Biden’s performance had Democrats practically begging for a replacement, the President has decided to slam the brakes on any more discussions about it. In a Monday call with his donors, Biden made it clear he’s “over it” and wants the focus trained on his likely opponent: Donald Trump.

Conservatives can’t help but chuckle at this strategy. Biden seems to believe that by simply ignoring the elephant in the room, everything will magically fall into place. He told donors that the Democrats need to “move forward” because wasting time on distractions is not an option with the convention just 40 days away and the election 120 days out. Biden doubled down, saying his sole job is to defeat Trump, and he’s absolutely the best man for that challenge.

Undoubtedly, Biden’s move targets the three groups he’s losing grip over: donors, the Democrats, and the media. For donors, the bitter pill to swallow is that even before the debate disaster, they were already tightening their wallets. May figures revealed that Biden’s campaign and the Democratic National Committee pulled in $85 million. Sounds hefty until you look at Trump and the Republican National Committee’s staggering $141 million haul. Clearly, a few donors are feeling like they’ve bet on the wrong horse.

Then there’s the Democratic chorus growing louder each day, questioning Biden’s fitness and openly calling for his exit. Even Democratic stalwarts like Senator Patty Murray and Representative Jerrold Nadler are reportedly jumping ship. Biden’s desperate attempt to rally his base with a letter saying voters had chosen him as the nominee only serves to highlight the considerable growing discord within his party.

As for the media, hilariously, they won’t let sleeping dogs lie. Biden’s attempts to brush the debate under the rug are undermined by relentless coverage of his health and cognitive issues. Reporters gleefully highlight the White House’s continuous dodging of questions about Biden’s cognitive tests and frequent visits from a neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s.

In an almost Nixonian turn, Biden thinks he can dictate the narrative by refusing to discuss the debate, akin to Nixon proclaiming he was done with Watergate long before it was done with him. Of course, Biden had some choice words for his beleaguered donors, thanking them for their “grassroots support,” and acknowledging their hardships. But even some donors on the call aired their ambivalence, expressing readiness to cut off their financial support.

If Biden thinks ignoring reality will make it go away, he’s in for a rude awakening. As America watches, it’s clear this is one political strategy that’s more about fantasy than fact. The Biden camp’s wishful thinking might be the final nail in the coffin for a campaign that’s lost its spark amidst the chaos.

Written by Staff Reports

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