Biden Impeachment Gains Steam as GOP Push to Expunge Trump’s

Oh boy, here we go again! U.S. Rep. Jim Banks from Indiana is the latest Republican lawmaker to shout from the rooftops for the impeachment of President Joe Biden. And why, you ask? Well, according to Banks, it’s because of this supposedly extensive evidence of a $10 million bribe paid to the Biden family by some Ukrainian energy tycoon. Sounds juicy, right? But hold on a second, didn’t we just go through the whole impeachment circus with President Donald Trump? Banks wants us to forget all about that and overturn it because he believes Trump was impeached for false allegations that Biden is actually guilty of. Wow, talk about spin!

In an interview with Breitbart News, Banks didn’t hold back. He claimed that the Bidens are the most corrupt family ever to set foot in the White House, and you know what? He might have a point there. Just think about the Clintons and all their shenanigans. But Banks wants to make it crystal clear that this new evidence, this FD-1023 form, is the smoking gun that should finally push Biden out of the Oval Office. He’s calling on his fellow GOP lawmakers to step up and do their duty.


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But hold on, Banks isn’t done. He also wants to take a trip down memory lane and bring back the ghost of Trump’s Ukraine phone call. He says it’s time to overturn Trump’s impeachment because, guess what? Trump was actually right about the whole Ukraine corruption thing with the Biden family. Can you believe it? According to Banks, this should motivate the House to put the Elise Stefanik resolution on the floor and force Republican members to vote on it. Talk about stirring the pot!

Now, I don’t know about you, but it seems like the GOP is on a bit of an impeachment frenzy lately. They tried to impeach Biden earlier this month, and now they want to expunge Trump’s impeachment too. It’s like a never-ending circus, folks! But hey, who needs unity and progress when you can just keep playing these political games? It’s clear that Banks and his Republican colleagues won’t rest until they’ve turned the impeachment process into a never-ending soap opera. Get your popcorn, folks, because it looks like we’re in for a wild ride!

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