Biden Inertia: US Hostage Families in Gaza Plead for Swift Action!

Four American families with loved ones who are missing and potentially held hostage by Hamas are speaking up and demanding action from the Biden Administration and the Department of State. They claim that neither the State Department nor the Israelis have made any formal attempts to assist them.

One of the families, represented by Nahar Neta, whose mother was captured by Hamas, insists that President Biden and Secretary of State Blinken are responsible for bringing the U.S. citizens back home safely. In a press conference, Nahar expressed concern that his mother might be held hostage in Gaza or worse, dead on the streets of the kibbutz where they grew up.

Another family, headed by Rubi Chen, has a son who is an Israeli soldier named Itay, currently missing. Rubi appeals to the U.S. not to take a back seat in finding their loved ones. He believes that the U.S. has the resources to assist in ways that the Israelis cannot. Rubi implores President Biden and the Secretary of State to take immediate action and bring an end to their suffering.

Both families criticize the lack of communication and updates from the U.S. Government and the Israeli government. They believe it is a legitimate request to be informed of any developments regarding their missing family members. They urge representatives from both governments to provide support and updates during this difficult time.

Another family, represented by Hersh Polin-Goldberg’s mother, reveals the harrowing circumstances in which their son went missing. Hersh was last seen at a rave near the Israeli border that was viciously attacked by Hamas. His last messages to his mother were filled with love and apologies, but since then, he has not responded to any messages. His mother describes the intense gun battle during the attack, where Hersh’s arm was severed, and he had to tie a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Despite the chaos, Hersh remained calm, leaving his family hopeful but worried.

Jonathan Dekel-Chen’s son, Sagui Dekel-Chen, is also missing after bravely defending his community against a horde of heavily-armed terrorists who aimed to harm innocent civilians. Sagui, a father of two with another child on the way, has yet to be found.

It is clear that these families are enduring tremendous pain and uncertainty due to the lack of action and communication from the U.S. and Israeli governments. The Biden Administration and the Department of State must prioritize their efforts, provide support, and keep the families informed. The safety and well-being of these missing individuals should be paramount, and every possible action should be taken to bring them back home swiftly and safely.

Written by Staff Reports

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