Biden Jr Slights Congress, Prosecutor Mum: Bombshell Revelation!

Hunter Biden has once again thumbed his nose at Congress, showing his complete disregard for the rule of law. This week, he refused to appear for a deposition before the House Oversight Committee, opting instead to give a speech outside the Capitol. In his speech, Hunter claimed that his father, President Biden, had no financial involvement in his foreign business dealings. However, it is clear that Joe Biden was intimately involved in Hunter’s shady ventures, as evidenced by his meetings with partners from China and Ukraine. It seems that Hunter has learned a thing or two about corruption from his dear old dad.

House Oversight Committee chairman James Comer did not mince words when discussing Hunter’s refusal to testify. “We had dozens of staffers in there, hundreds of specific questions, and he just goes out and basically gives Congress the middle finger,” Comer exclaimed. And it didn’t stop there. After making his statement, Hunter hopped into his car and sped away without answering any questions. This blatant disregard for the legislative process is unacceptable.

But Republicans are not going to let Hunter off the hook so easily. Comer expressed his intent to seek a contempt of Congress charge against Hunter, which would likely result in a House floor vote. From there, President Biden’s Justice Department would decide whether or not to prosecute the alleged crime. It’s about time that Hunter faces the consequences for his actions, just like any other American would.

And let’s not forget about the former Justice Department official who protected Hunter and his father from a criminal investigation. Lesley Wolf, a former Delaware assistant US attorney, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee but provided little information. It seems that she also has something to hide. Wolf was instrumental in covering up a criminal investigation into Hunter’s tax fraud and foreign-lobbying registration violations. She even tipped off Hunter’s legal team, undermining efforts to hold him accountable.

In addition to the potential contempt charges, Hunter Biden is facing federal tax fraud charges in Los Angeles and gun charges in Delaware. He thought he could get off with just probation, but he walked away from a plea deal when he realized he might still be held accountable for his other crimes. It’s clear that Hunter is used to special treatment and thinks he’s above the law. But Republicans are determined to hold him accountable and bring justice to the Biden family’s corruption. It’s about time someone stood up to the Bidens and their shady dealings.

Written by Staff Reports

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