Biden Laughs Off 2024 Swap With Newsom Amid Poll Plunge

President Biden seemed to brush off a reporter’s question with a laugh when asked if his trip to California was related to grooming Governor Gavin Newsom to potentially take over his place in the 2024 race. The reporter inquired about a “Plan B” for 2024 due to concerns about Biden’s age and health.

In a lighthearted response, Biden jokingly turned the question back on the reporter before praising Newsom, saying he could have the job Biden is eyeing for, implying that he might not continue in the 2024 race.

Despite Biden’s fondness for Newsom, a recent UC Berkeley Institute of Governmental Studies poll showed that Newsom’s approval rating had dipped to a low 44 percent. It’s clear that not all Californians are high on Newsom despite Biden’s praise. Additionally, Newsom has been accused of quietly gathering supporters behind the scenes and engaging in shadow campaigning for the 2024 race, which is raising eyebrows among the public.

Even though Newsom has denied any plans to run in 2024, he has not explicitly stated whether he would reconsider if Biden were to exit the race. The speculation around Newsom’s potential entry into the 2024 race has been fueled by comments from various sources, including predictions from podcasts such as the Joe Rogan Experience.

It’s clear that while Biden may have been chuckling off the question from the reporter, the speculation surrounding Newsom’s potential candidacy raises doubts about the Democratic game plan for the upcoming election. With Biden’s age and health concerns looming in the background, it’s no wonder the question about a “Plan B” for 2024 arose in the first place.

Written by Staff Reports

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