Biden Left Off NH Ballot, Desperate Write-In Campaign Begins!

In a hilarious turn of events, President Biden’s backers in New Hampshire have launched a desperate write-in campaign to salvage his chances after he was left off the Democrat primary ballot. Talk about embarrassing! It turns out that the Biden Campaign successfully persuaded the Democratic National Committee to change the primary calendar, but the New Hampshire Democrat Party wasn’t having any of it. They decided to skip over ol’ Joe and left the door wide open for a potential primary challenge.

But fear not, Biden supporters in the Granite State have come to the rescue! They’ve launched a write-in ballot effort on behalf of their dear leader. According to their website, they believe that the fate of our democracy itself hangs in the balance in the 2024 election. Give me a break! These people act like Joe Biden is some kind of savior against the so-called “MAGA extremism.” Talk about delusional.

Now, I have to give credit where credit is due. The official Biden re-election campaign and the New Hampshire Democratic Party want nothing to do with this desperate write-in campaign. But that hasn’t stopped dozens of Democrat state senators, representatives, and judges from endorsing this laughable effort. It’s like watching a sinking ship and everyone is still fighting to get on board. It’s pure comedy gold!

But let’s talk about Kathy Sullivan, the former New Hampshire Democratic Party chair. She describes this write-in campaign as “old-fashioned.” Well, I couldn’t agree more with her. It’s like they’ve run out of ideas and are resorting to ancient campaign tactics. I can just picture them going door-to-door, begging people to write in Joe Biden’s name. How sad. They don’t have the money for advertising or even new lawn signs. They’re dusting off the ones from four years ago. Talk about a desperate attempt to cling to relevancy.

Now, I understand that President Biden is expected to secure his party’s nomination, but being left off the ballot in New Hampshire is undoubtedly embarrassing. And who benefits from this embarrassing situation? U.S. Rep. Dean Phillips, that’s who! He’s been eyeing the presidency for months and saw an opportunity in the Granite State. Phillips might not agree with Biden’s policies, but he sure thinks the party needs a younger nominee. Can’t say I disagree with him there.

The Biden Campaign, of course, is expressing confidence in their write-in effort. But seriously, who do they think they’re fooling? President Biden couldn’t even secure a spot on the primary ballot, and they think he’s going to win with a write-in campaign? I have to applaud their optimism, but in reality, they’re just setting themselves up for disappointment.


Written by Staff Reports

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