Biden and Dems Served Shocking Blow in Today’s News!

Based on recent polling data, President Biden and the Democratic Party are facing a significant setback in their support among Arab Americans. The findings of a nationwide survey conducted by the Arab American Institute in collaboration with John Zogby Strategies are quite illuminating.

It has come as no surprise that Joe Biden's approval among Arab Americans has precipitously declined. His approval decreased from a commendable 74% in 2020 to a pitiful 29% in 2023. This decrease reflects the prevailing sentiment of the American populace. Ouch!

Additionally, the political leanings of Arab Americans in pivotal election states such as Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan are shifting. Biden's support in the forthcoming election has plummeted an astounding 42%, from 59% to a pitiful 17%. An extraordinary about-face!

Before this poll, the majority of Arab Americans supported the Democratic Party. However, this indicates a substantial shift in opinion. A lack of Democratic Party predilection among the majority of Arab Americans is evident for the first time in 26 years of polling. They appear to be beginning to recognize the truth!

At present, a mere 23% of Arab Americans identify as Democrats, whereas 32% identify as Republicans. Who is it that is at the apex? "Independents" here! They have initially seized control of the Democratic Party since October 2023. There seems to be a growing awareness among individuals regarding the value of independent thought.

For the Arab American community, the recent violence in Palestine and Israel has struck close to home. A majority of two-thirds hold an unfavorable perception of President Biden's handling of the situation. Antisemitism has also become a growing concern as a consequence of the violence. Biden should improve his performance.

This is not an issue unique to Arab Americans. According to a separate Gallup poll, Biden's approval among Democrats has declined by 11 percentage points in just one month. His management of the Afghanistan situation, the escalating cost of living, and the Middle East conflict have generated considerable discord. In addition, the unexpected assault on Israel by Hamas militants did not assist the situation.

While Biden assured Israel of "rock solid and unwavering" support, his own party members demanded that he do more to aid the Palestinians. They are demanding increased humanitarian assistance, particularly as the crisis worsens. Biden must choose a position and adhere to it.

The poll results indicate a disconcerting pattern of diminishing support for Biden. Regarding January of his inaugural year, he held a 57% approval rating. By September, that proportion had decreased to 43%. That is an enormous plummet! It has the potential to cause significant disruption for the Democratic Party in the 2024 elections.

In midterm elections, the ruling party typically loses seats in Congress, according to historical evidence. Furthermore, given Biden's low approval rating, this trend has the potential to worsen. The profound rifts in American politics, such as Biden's persistently high rating of disapproval among Republicans, exacerbate the situation.

Joe Biden and the Democratic Party face significant challenges, particularly in crucial battleground states. They must make significant progress in order to emerge victorious in the year 2024. With their track record thus far, however, it is unlikely that they will succeed. Best wishes, Democrats!

Written by Staff Reports

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