Biden Loses Ground as Trump Gains Favor Among Latino Voters Ahead of 2024

In the latest Axios/Ipsos poll, it was revealed that President Joe Biden is losing support from the Latino community that had initially backed him in the 2020 election. This comes as former President Donald Trump is gaining traction among Latino voters ahead of the 2024 election.

Since taking office, Biden’s approval among Latino voters has dropped by 12 points, while Trump’s support has increased by 8 points, reaching 32 percent. These numbers are significant given that Democrats have historically enjoyed strong support from the Latino community.

On critical issues such as the economy, Latino voters favor Trump over Biden, with 42 percent believing that the Republican candidate is better for their wallets, compared to only 20 percent for Biden.

The president’s campaign manager emphasized the importance of securing Latino votes, accusing Trump of having an “anti-Latino agenda.” However, some voices within the Latino community have acknowledged the appeal of Trump’s positions on issues like inflation, which is a major concern for many voters.

Additionally, on matters of crime, Trump holds an 11-point lead over Biden among Latino voters. The Trump campaign has been clear in its message to black and Hispanic communities, emphasizing strong borders, safe neighborhoods, rising wages, quality jobs, school choice, and the impressive economic growth experienced during his administration.

Overall, Biden holds a narrow three-point lead over Trump among Latino voters who plan to cast their ballots in the upcoming election. With the former president gaining ground and the Latino community expressing concerns about key issues, it appears that Democrats may face a challenge in maintaining their support among this demographic.

Written by Staff Reports

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