Biden Stumbles in Scranton, Raises Doubts on Fitness and Honesty

In a recent visit to his hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, President Joe Biden showed confusion and muddled his words, raising concerns once again about his mental fitness. He stumbled on the steps of Air Force One and used a bizarre line in his speech, leaving many wondering about his clarity. Furthermore, he seemed to struggle with reading the teleprompter and even appeared confused about the current mayor of Scranton.

During his speech, Biden attempted to draw a comparison between “Scranton values or Mar-a-Lago values,” clearly trying to contrast himself with former President Donald Trump. However, with the economy as a key issue for voters, Biden is facing challenges as polls show low approval ratings for his handling of the economy and inflation.

There were also false claims made during the speech, such as Biden’s assertion that he reduced the deficit and his promise not to raise taxes for those making under $400,000 annually. Additionally, Biden brought up debunked statements about Trump, further calling into question his commitment to honesty in his reelection campaign.

As the 2024 election approaches, it seems that Biden and his campaign are leaning into falsehoods and desperate talking points, casting doubt on their integrity and the president’s ability to lead the country effectively.

Written by Staff Reports

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