Biden Lost On Stage Again: Wife Jill Rescues Wandering President

The concerning pattern of President Biden requiring assistance to navigate off a stage continues. It extends beyond physical assistance, as there are instances of him appearing disoriented, necessitating guidance to determine the correct path.

In a recent incident, First Lady Jill Biden had to step in and guide her husband off the stage following their addresses at a Human Rights dinner in D.C. This pattern is becoming increasingly recurrent for President Biden, with several instances of him appearing confused after public events. Reports indicate that his staff is growing anxious about potential falls, which could carry severe health risks. This apprehension might have prompted Jill Biden to intervene and ensure her husband's safe exit.

It's worth noting that President Biden is nearing 81 years of age, yet he is expressing intentions to remain in office until 2028, which would make him 86 at the time. This decision is raising concerns, especially in light of his evident mental and physical decline. Instances of confusion, such as at the G20 summit and his bike incident in Delaware, give rise to legitimate concerns. The question is, how much more decline will become evident if he remains in office for another five-plus years?

Speculations are circulating regarding the possibility of President Biden's staff resorting to amphetamines to maintain his appearance and deliver speeches. Such measures come with significant risks for a man in his 80s and could lead to further health complications. It's no wonder that President Biden often appears frail and vulnerable, which does not project strength to world leaders.

Under President Biden's leadership, the United States seems to have weakened its standing on the global stage. A leader who appears to require a caregiver doesn't project the image of a strong and commanding nation. This can embolden adversaries like Kim Jong-Un and Xi Jinping, who might perceive President Biden's weakness as an opportunity to exploit. It's a stark contrast to the Trump era, when world leaders had reservations about challenging the United States.

Adding to these concerns, the United States is directing a significant portion of its military resources to Ukraine and Israel. While it's essential to support our allies, we must not overlook our own homeland's security. With a leader who seems to be in a vulnerable position and a potential lack of domestic security, it may only be a matter of time before our adversaries exploit this vulnerability.

Now, more than ever, it is imperative to return to an "America First" approach. This does not imply a return to inflammatory tweets, but rather a call for a robust and capable leader who places the interests and security of the American people as a top priority. Change is needed before circumstances worsen.

Written by Staff Reports

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