Biden Makes SHOCKING New Chief Of Staff Appointment

According to CNN, Jeff Zients, who was the head of the COVID-19 response team during Joe Biden's time in office, will become the White House's chief of staff.

Ron Klain, the current chief of staff of the White House, is expected to resign from his position before the State of the union address is delivered on February 7. His departure comes amid the controversy over the discovery of highly classified documents in the president's home and office.

In April, Zients stepped down from his position as the COVID-19 coordinator. He was replaced by Ashish Jha, the Dean of Brown University's School of Public Health. The federal government and the administration shifted away from the message regarding the pandemic.

According to the Washington Post, Zients returned to his position at the White House to help Klain after the midterm elections. He was then tasked with various tasks in preparation for his new role.

The Washington Post reported that the incoming chief of staff had previously served in high-level positions in the Obama administration. He or she has also spent most of their lives in the private sector.

It was previously reported that he was the preferred candidate to replace Klain, who had already planned to leave his position after two years in the White House. Other potential successors included Martin Walsh, the secretary of labor, and Anita Dunn, the senior adviser to Biden.

According to CNN, three sources claimed that Klain would continue serving as the chief of staff until Zients takes over.

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