Biden on Shaky Ground: Kari Lake Exposes Potential Replacement Plot!

Conservative firebrand Kari Lake, who is running for Arizona’s seat in the U.S. Senate, confidently declared on Newsmax with Eric Bolling that President Joe Biden’s days are numbered. With a self-assured tone, Lake claimed that it was “pretty obvious” to anyone who was paying attention to the Democrats’ political games.

According to Lake, the Democrats are already plotting to throw Biden under the bus and replace him with California Governor Gavin Newsom, whom she described as a complete disaster to the state of California. Lake humorously referred to Newsom as the reason why Arizonans adopted the saying, “Don’t California our Arizona.” Despite his track record, the Democrats seem eager to pave the way for Newsom’s candidacy, Lake argued.

Lake then highlighted Newsom’s recent actions that suggest he is positioning himself as a national candidate. His attacks on Governor Ron DeSantis and his endorsement of Biden were all part of the carefully choreographed plan to present himself as a viable alternative. Lake couldn’t help but poke fun at Newsom’s attempt to appear moderate by vetoing some left-wing bills. She also sarcastically noted his trip to China, insinuating that he was cosying up to the person who would have real control over the Democrat Party.

Lake boldly asserted that the Democrats know Biden’s presidency is a ticking time bomb, and that the party will collapse if he remains their nominee. She speculated that Newsom might be the chosen replacement, as both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are seen as disastrous by the voters. Expressing her unfaltering confidence in her analysis, Lake humorously quipped, “Lake is right.”

Indeed, Biden’s polling numbers have been abysmal, worse than the worst numbers Donald Trump had in most metrics. It’s ironic to think that Biden once labeled Trump the worst president in history during the 2020 campaign. These terrible poll results are a clear indication that the Democrats are frantically searching for a way to jettison Biden before the upcoming election. Lake suggested Newsom as the potential replacement, but others believe the party might turn to Michelle Obama. Either way, it’s evident that the Democrats are in serious trouble with Biden at the helm.

Written by Staff Reports

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