Biden Panics as Kennedy Jr. Rises: A Threat to Dems and GOP Alike

Let’s talk about Joe Biden’s Kennedy problem, shall we? This country has been dealing with the Kennedys since the Great Depression, and it seems like we just can’t shake them off. But what’s even more concerning is that the Kennedy problem is no longer just a Democratic issue. It’s crossing party lines, and that’s just downright worrisome.

Now, Robert Kennedy Jr., son of the late Senator from New York, has thrown his hat into the 2024 Democratic presidential primary. At first, experts didn’t take his candidacy seriously. But now, he’s gaining some traction, polling between 10 and 20% nationally. And let’s not forget the media attention he’s been getting, from that fancy profile in New York Magazine to his appearance on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

So why should Biden be worried about Kennedy? Well, for starters, Kennedy has some pretty left-leaning views on the environment and corporations. And let’s not forget about his love for conspiracy theories, many of which are popular among us conservatives. It’s a dangerous combination that could potentially peel away some of Biden’s voters. Plus, there’s that old Kennedy name that still holds some sway in Democratic circles.

But here’s the real kicker that the author of this article conveniently ignores: Biden’s accelerated mental and physical decline. It’s a trainwreck waiting to happen, and Kennedy might just be the one to expose it. Look back to 1968 when Senator Eugene McCarthy gave President Lyndon B. Johnson a run for his money. McCarthy’s success led Johnson to shockingly announce he wouldn’t seek reelection. Sure, McCarthy didn’t win, but that paved the way for Richard Nixon, who won in a landslide. It’s a lesson the Biden camp should heed.

And let’s address something the author did mention but dismissed too quickly – Biden’s supposed achievements. Yes, Biden may boast about his “formidable legislative record,” but let’s be honest here, folks. It’s nothing to write home about. And this talk about inflation abating and a strong economy? Please, give me a break. Prices are through the roof, and the job market is far from stable. It’s just another case of the left ignoring the facts.

But what’s truly alarming is how Kennedy is attracting attention from the right, particularly because of his stance on COVID-19 issues. Conservatives, libertarians – listen up. Don’t be fooled by Kennedy’s cherry-picked views on vaccines. He may align with us on that one issue, but make no mistake, he’s still an establishment liberal who will sell us out on everything else.

So, yes, Biden’s got a Kennedy problem, but it’s not just his problem; it’s our problem too. We can’t let the allure of Kennedy’s COVID stance blind us to the rest of his agenda. We have to stay vigilant and stand firm against the latest iteration of the Kennedy dynasty.

Ward Clark is a true American patriot, coming to you live from Alaska’s Susitna Valley. He’s a military veteran, a small businessman, and a self-proclaimed bad influence. And don’t forget to check out his Twitter – he’s got some interesting things to say.

Written by Staff Reports

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