Biden Picks Punchlines Over Policies, Snubs Press for Laughs

President Joe Biden has been playing dodgeball with the White House press corps, opting for cozy chats with friendly late-night talk show hosts instead of facing hard-hitting journalists. The move has left many questioning the administration’s commitment to transparency, with Biden holding fewer news conferences and granting fewer interviews to major news organizations than his predecessors.

Rather than facing serious questions from seasoned reporters, Biden has been cozying up to comedians like Seth Meyers, Drew Barrymore, and D.L. Hughley. While appearing on Seth Meyers’ show, Biden brushed off concerns about his age and even dropped hints about his plans for the Israel-Hamas conflict. It seems like he’s more interested in making punchlines than making policy.


The president’s decision to turn down a CBS News interview during the Super Bowl pregame show raised eyebrows, as he seems to prefer the spotlight of late-night comedy shows over the scrutiny of real journalism. It’s all fun and games until there’s a real crisis to address, and the American people deserve a leader who’s willing to face tough questions head-on, not just crack jokes on Conan’s podcast.

By avoiding the traditional press in favor of entertainment shows, Biden is missing out on the chance to engage with a broader audience and demonstrate his ability to handle tough questions. His appearances on late-night TV might be a hit with the Hollywood crowd, but they won’t earn him any points with voters who want a leader, not a comedian in chief. If he keeps dodging the real reporters, he might as well start planning his comedy tour after his time in the Oval Office.

Written by Staff Reports

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