Joy Reid’s Fertility Flub: Ignores Birth Rates, Slams Pro-Life Senator!

MSNBC’s Joy Reid has once again made headlines for her unhinged and nonsensical rant against conservatives. This time, Reid targeted Alabama Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s support for his state’s Supreme Court ruling that categorizes frozen embryos as children under state law.

During a Conservative Political Action Conference interview, Tuberville brought up the need for more children, a sentiment that Reid clearly couldn’t comprehend. She questioned why the United States, with a population of over 327 million, would ever need more kids. Reid’s lack of understanding of fertility rates and their importance to maintaining a stable society was on full display.

Fertility rate, as defined by Britannica, is the average number of children born to women during their reproductive years. For a modern society to maintain a stable population, a fertility rate of 2.1 is required. Yet Reid failed to grasp this concept, as the current fertility rate in the United States is only slightly above 1.8, according to World Population Review.

Reid’s ignorance was further evident as she failed to acknowledge the global population decline crisis. Countries like China and many others are struggling to maintain their populations, with some projected to see a 50 percent decrease by 2100, as reported by the BBC.

In addition to her ignorance on fertility rates, Reid also showcased her lack of awareness regarding illegal immigration. Her attempt to downplay the significant influx of illegal immigrants into the United States under the Biden administration was easily debunked by official U.S. Customs and Border Protection data, as detailed by the Washington Examiner.

Reid’s rant took a racist turn as she baselessly accused Tuberville of wanting more children for white Americans, invoking the debunked “replacement theory.” Her absurd and baseless claims only served to expose her own prejudices and ignorance.

Sen. Tuberville later addressed Reid’s comments, dismissing them as uninformed and hateful. He emphasized the need for more children and reiterated his pro-life stance, including his support for in vitro fertilization.

Despite Reid’s ludicrous claims and misrepresentation of facts, the real issue at hand is the relentless push by the establishment media to spread lies and suppress the truth. The Western Journal is committed to fighting this battle and providing the American people with accurate information. Join the fight and support The Western Journal to make a difference in the crucial 2024 election.

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