Biden Policies Ignore Border Crisis as Innocent Americans Suffer Tragic End

Illegal immigration isn’t just a topic for debate anymore; it’s a clear and present danger. It’s bad enough that Americans must constantly look over their shoulders due to rising crime rates orchestrated by those who shouldn’t even be here. Yet, the Biden administration has decided to turn a blind eye, seemingly encouraging a free-for-all at the border for nearly three years now. The tragic murder of Rachel Morin, a mother of five, in Harford County, Maryland, last year serves as a heart-wrenching reminder. The suspect in her murder? Yes, you guessed it, another illegal alien.

Just this week, the horror continued. Twelve-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray was strangled to death by two illegal aliens from Venezuela. As usual, the mainstream media couldn’t perform biased gymnastics fast enough to avoid addressing the elephant in the room. The Associated Press, for instance, omitted any mention that Jocelyn’s alleged killers were illegal aliens. It’s almost like they are trying to make sure the dots connecting rising crime rates to illegal immigration stay invisible.

And it’s not just AP making these omissions. Local media outlets, often touted as the bastions of honest journalism, also failed to include these crucial details. Fox 26 Houston and KHOU 11 reported on Jocelyn’s murder but left out the fact that both suspects were illegal aliens. Only Fox News seemed to deem it necessary to report all the pertinent information. When local media drops the ball, where does that leave citizens seeking the truth?

The classic move is to reframe the narrative. Remember the brutal murder of Laken Riley in Georgia back in February? AP journalists somehow turned that gut-wrenching story into a discussion on toxic masculinity, completely sidestepping the glaring issue of our wide-open, unsecured borders. How many more innocent Americans must suffer while the media and this administration play politics with their safety?

It’s high time Americans demand accountability. The media can bury their heads in the sand, and the administration can turn a blind eye to the obvious dangers, but the facts remain. Every day, these unvetted individuals are allowed to walk freely on American soil, and the safety of law-abiding citizens is compromised. This is the real-life consequence of putting politics over people’s lives – and it needs to stop.

Written by Staff Reports

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