Biden Prioritizes Cheap Gas Over Strong Stance Against Oil-Rich Villains

In the latest display of Biden’s pandering prowess, internal strife within his administration over oil sanctions has come to light. On one side, there are White House officials advocating for leniency towards oil-producing villains like Russia and Iran, while Treasury Department staff are displaying some rare glimmers of conscience.

Reports suggest that Biden is more interested in keeping gas prices steady ahead of the looming election rather than standing firm against oppressive regimes. So, if that means going easy on major oil producers infamous for their hostile agendas, then so be it. Who cares about throwing a bone to Venezuela’s socialist dictator when cozying up to Putin and whoever is running Iran post-Ebrahim Raisi’s unfortunate demise seems more pressing?

An anonymous source revealed Biden’s motive as ensuring that American families feel less of a pinch at the pump. But let’s not forget that every dollar funneled into the coffers of rogue states like Venezuela, Russia, and Iran only fuels oppression, aggression, and terrorism.

As if Biden’s oil diplomacy charade weren’t enough, global supply chains are also facing unprecedented strain. Attacks by Houthi rebels on vessels heading for the vital Suez Canal are driving up shipping costs and causing concerns over product shortages and delays. The Biden administration’s lackluster response to these maritime threats, coupled with its contradictory stance on Iran and the Houthis, is painting a picture of incompetence and capitulation.

With the November election looming like a Sword of Damocles, Biden’s team appears more focused on short-term fixes and vote-buying schemes than coherent foreign policy strategies. It’s a chaotic dance of desperation and expediency, all in the name of securing another term for a man teetering on the edge of presidential infamy.

In the end, the Biden administration’s approach to global challenges seems less about leadership and more about political survival at any cost. And as long as American interests and values take a back seat to campaign priorities, the consequences could be dire for both the nation and the world at large.

Written by Staff Reports

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