Biden Pushes Stricter Gun Laws Despite Hunter’s Recent Legal Troubles

President Joe Biden gave a speech on Tuesday, talking about his plans for more gun control in the country. This speech happened right after his son, Hunter, got in trouble for some gun-related issues. Biden was talking at an event hosted by Everytown for Gun Safety, which is connected to Mike Bloomberg.

During the speech, Biden mentioned the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act, a gun control bill that Senator John Cornyn and some Democrats worked on together. He talked about how this act has let him use a lot of money for gun control and set up the new White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention.

Biden also mentioned the ATF’s actions against “ghost guns” and said he wants more gun control, including banning “assault weapons” again. This all happened just a few hours after his son was convicted of gun charges, one of which was lying when buying a gun, which can lead to big fines or even jail time.

Overall, President Biden’s speech was all about pushing for stricter gun rules, despite his family’s recent troubles with guns. It seems like he really wants to focus on gun control, making sure people know he’s serious about it.

Written by Staff Reports

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