Biden Rambles in Syracuse, Ignores Real Issues Amid Campus Chaos

In Syracuse, New York, Joe Biden blabbered away about some act he wants to pass, claiming it will bring back manufacturing. But let’s face it, all he’s really good at is causing pain for Americans with his Bidenflation, rising crime rates, and allowing illegal aliens to pour over the border. Typical.

And while chaos erupts at NYU and Columbia, and other campuses, Biden seems clueless as ever. The leftists are taking over, and he’s just standing by.

During his speech, Biden seemed lost, stumbling over his words and mumbling about uniting people while he continues to bash his opponents and unfairly criticize Trump and his supporters. The man can’t seem to keep a coherent thought these days.

Speaking of incoherence, Biden struggled to talk about Chuck Schumer, fumbling his words and looking confused. It’s becoming more and more evident that something is not right with him.

But the real kicker was when Biden made it all about himself when discussing police officers killed on duty. He compared his own personal tragedies to the sacrifices made by officers, which is not only disrespectful but also self-centered. It’s appalling how he keeps using personal stories for political gain, even at the expense of others’ pain.

Biden needs to stop making everything about himself and start focusing on the real issues at hand. His lack of empathy and constant self-promotion is disgraceful and unbecoming of a leader. It’s time for him to shape up or ship out.

Written by Staff Reports

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