Biden Refuses Pardon for Hunter but Leaves Commutation Option Open

Joe Biden, the current President of the United States, has stated that he will not pardon his son, Hunter Biden, who has been convicted of a crime. However, when asked if he would consider commuting Hunter’s sentence, the White House Press Secretary did not rule it out. This has led to speculation about whether Biden may try to manipulate his words to avoid keeping his promise not to pardon Hunter. 


Conservatives may find Biden’s responses during the G7 press conference concerning. Biden praised Hunter as a bright and decent person, but also stated that he would not pardon him and would respect the jury’s decision. This ambiguous stance has raised questions about the possibility of a future commutation, which Biden did not definitively rule out when asked after the press conference. 

It is important to note that Biden’s credibility has been called into question, especially regarding keeping his word. Critics point to his decision to leave Americans behind in Afghanistan despite promising not to do so. This history of broken promises and dishonesty leads many to doubt whether Biden will stand by his current statements regarding his son’s situation.

Conservatives may view Biden’s responses on this matter with skepticism, given his track record of failing to follow through on promises. The uncertainty surrounding the potential commutation of Hunter Biden’s sentence raises concerns about political manipulation and selective justice. Voters may be wary of believing Biden’s assurances until after the election, when his true intentions may become clearer.

Written by Staff Reports

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