Biden Rejects Official Debate Commission Plan

In a surprising move, the Biden campaign has officially announced that they will not be participating in the debates organized by the Presidential Debates Commission. This decision comes after months of speculation and hints that Joe Biden might opt out of the traditional debates leading up to the election. Despite President Trump’s calls for debates, the Biden campaign is taking a different approach.

Instead of the scheduled three debates, Biden is proposing two televised debates, one in June and another in September, with direct negotiations between the campaigns. Biden claims that Trump lost debates to him in 2020 and insinuates that Trump is avoiding another debate. However, it’s important to remember that Biden also refused debates with his primary opponents.

The Commission on Presidential Debates had set dates and locations for the debates, but the Biden campaign has raised concerns about the setup of these events. They argue that the focus should be on the American voters watching from home, not on creating spectacles for live audiences. This shift in approach has raised eyebrows and drawn criticism from various quarters.

Many have noted Biden’s struggles with public speaking and reading from teleprompters, which might explain his reluctance to engage in traditional debates. Despite this, President Trump has accepted the offer to debate and has criticized Biden’s debating skills. Trump is eager to face off against Biden and is open to debating at any time and place.

Biden’s decision to bypass the traditional debates raises questions about transparency and accountability. Debates are a crucial part of the democratic process, allowing voters to see where candidates stand on important issues. By avoiding debates, Biden risks being seen as evasive and unwilling to engage in open dialogue with the American people.

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