Biden Resorts to Schoolyard Taunts Against Trump

President Joe Biden has finally summoned the courage to say Donald Trump’s name out loud! Bet you never thought you’d live to see the day. According to an analysis by Axios, after three whole years of avoiding Trump’s name like it was some kind of curse word, Biden has suddenly found the courage to address him directly. During a campaign stop in South Carolina, Biden mentioned “Trump” a whopping 22 times. He even gave him a cheeky nickname, calling him “Donald ‘Herbert Hoover’ Trump.” Oh, the wit! The analysis also noted that Biden referred to him as a “loser” not once, but twice. Ouch! It seems like Biden just can’t contain his disdain for the former president.

And you know what’s even more hilarious? Biden actually chanted “loser Trump” repeatedly during his speech in South Carolina. Can you believe it? The President of the United States stooping to such childish antics. But hey, who are we to judge? Maybe Biden thinks he’s still on the playground. It’s certainly more entertaining than actually addressing the issues facing our country.

Now, in case you were wondering, Biden’s sudden urge to mention Trump by name comes as he’s trailing behind him in hypothetical matchups for the 2024 election. Yep, that’s right. Trump is leading in several swing states, including Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Nevada, and North Carolina. Looks like his popularity isn’t waning anytime soon.

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just Trump’s popularity that’s causing a stir. Americans are starting to get concerned about Biden’s age. I mean, the man is 80 years old! According to a poll by The Wall Street Journal, a whopping 73% of Americans think Biden is too old to run for reelection. Can you blame them? It’s hard to deny that Biden has lost some of his spark since he took office. His approval rating has plummeted to a sad 34%, according to a Monmouth University poll. Ouch, indeed.

So what’s the solution to Biden’s sinking popularity? Well, according to The New York Times, it seems like Democrats are hoping that more coverage of Trump will do the trick. Yes, you read that right. They believe that bombarding Americans with constant reminders of the “total and absolute disaster” that was Trump’s presidency will magically win back support. Because nothing says “vote for me” like constantly talking about the previous guy, right?

All in all, it’s clear that Biden’s newfound obsession with saying Trump’s name is nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage his sinking poll numbers. But let’s be real, chanting “loser Trump” and coming up with clever little nicknames won’t solve the actual problems America is facing. It’s just another example of how out of touch our president truly is. Maybe instead of focusing on petty insults, Biden should try working on fulfilling his promises and actually leading this country. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a humble conservative observer trying to make sense of it all.

Written by Staff Reports

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