Fake Bullet Hoax Targets Israel, Truth Fires Back

Ah, buckle up folks, because we’ve got another fake news alert. This time, it’s an image making the rounds on X, claiming to show an Israeli sniper bullet fired at a hospital in Gaza. But hold your horses, because our conservative truth-tellers are here to set the record straight.

According to The Associated Press, the Israeli military recently took down a cemetery in Gaza because apparently, those sneaky terrorists from Hamas were using it to hide a tunnel. Now, amidst all this chaos, social media users started sharing this image of a bullet, claiming it was fired by those Israeli snipers at a hospital. Like seriously, guys? Could you get any more creative with your propaganda?

Well, turns out, the claim is as false as the media’s obsession with the Kardashians. That bullet, my friends, has never seen the light of day. Unlike fired bullets that have those grooves from rifles, this one is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And trust me, I know my bullets. Just take a look at this image from the National Institute of Standards and Technology website that shows those distinct “rifling impressions.” Yeah, nowhere to be found on our misleading bullet.

But wait, there’s more! Check Your Fact, our ever-vigilant fact-checkers, went the extra mile and found images of actual spent bullet casings, you know, bullets that have actually gone pew-pew. And let me tell you, folks, they look nothing like the bullet in question. So, sorry to burst your bubble, but this image is about as authentic as a politician’s promise.

Now, hold on tight because we have an update from the Quds News Network. They tweeted, “We published yesterday a photo from Nasser Hospital of what appears to be anti-tank ammunition.” Oh, how thoughtful of them to clarify after spreading this bogus image. But here’s the thing, dear readers, their so-called journalist found this elusive ammo just lying around after those Israeli vehicles zoomed in and out. I mean, really? If we’re going to make up stories, let’s at least make them somewhat believable.

So, you guessed it, our team at Check Your Fact is giving this claim a big, fat FALSE rating. Congratulations to all the gullible folks out there who fell for this one. But hey, don’t worry, we’ll keep shining the light of truth on these fake news peddlers. After all, someone’s gotta do it, right?

Well, that’s all for now, folks. Remember, don’t believe everything you see on social media, especially if it’s trying to paint Israel as the big, bad villain. Stay smart, stay informed, and let’s get those fact-checkers working overtime!

Written by Staff Reports

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