Biden Says MAGA Republicans Will RUIN His Progress

In a speech on Thursday, Biden claimed that the actions of the House of Representatives' Republican members threaten the progress that he has made in his first four years in office.

In his speech, Biden highlighted the progress that his administration has made on various economic indicators, such as wages and unemployment. He also noted that the US economy grew by 2.9% during the fourth quarter of last year.

"Biden noted that the US is now moving in the "right direction" but warned that the actions of House Republicans could threaten the progress that his team has made."

He criticized the plans of the House Republicans, which include the implementation of a 30% sales tax and the reduction of Medicare and social security benefits.

"According to Biden, the plans of House Republicans are "almost unbelievable." He noted that the cuts that they have proposed would affect the people who rely on Medicare and Social Security."

In response to the debt ceiling debate, Biden noted that he would not allow the Republican members of Congress to use the issue as a bargaining chip.

In addition, Biden criticized the actions of House Republicans, who he claimed are threatening to have the US default on its debt. He accused them of intentionally hurting the American people.

According to the New York Post, Biden used the word "Doug" four times during his speech. He was referring to Democratic Congressman Don Beyer of Virginia.

"During his speech, Biden referred to the fact that he and Doug have something in common. He then thanked the congressman for his passport."

The debt ceiling debate has been escalating between Democrats and Republicans. The two parties are reportedly still debating where to cut spending as they try to reach a deal to increase the country's borrowing authority. According to NBC News, Republicans also refuse to raise taxes as part of a solution to the issue.

Despite the statements made by the president, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California reportedly agreed not to include the cuts proposed by the Republicans in the negotiations.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Daily Caller.

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