Biden Schooling 101: GOP Governor Seizes Land from China’s Clutch!

In a bold move to protect his state’s interests, Republican Gov. Mike Parson of Missouri recently signed an executive order that bans foreign nationals or companies associated with China or Russia from purchasing land in Missouri near military bases. This executive order, known as Executive Order 24-01, was signed on Tuesday and specifies that only certain individuals and businesses can purchase land within 10 miles of a military facility.

Governor Parson cited concerns about espionage and other activities as the reason for this ban. The order also highlights the U.S. government’s determination that some foreign governments and non-government entities have engaged in behavior that is significantly adverse to the national security of the United States. The protection of military and intelligence assets within the state’s borders is crucial, and this ban aims to safeguard those assets.

Moving forward, individuals or businesses associated with countries that have an adversarial relationship with the United States will be prohibited from buying land near military bases. Additionally, any land they do purchase in Missouri must not exceed one percent of the total aggregate of agricultural acreage in the state. Furthermore, all agricultural lands purchased must undergo review by the Missouri Department of Agriculture.

During a news briefing, Governor Parson explained that the executive order aims to protect Missouri’s military and intelligence assets, prevent security threats to the state, and give Missourians greater peace of mind. He emphasized the need for common-sense precautions when it comes to dealing with foreign adversaries like China. The order specifically lists China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Russia, and Venezuela as foreign adversaries, and existing landowners are exempt from the ban.

While there is a broader conversation about Chinese land ownership in the United States, Missouri’s move to protect sensitive military facilities and information is a proactive step in the right direction. It follows the footsteps of Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who banned land ownership in his state for Chinese nationals last year, and Republican Arkansas Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who ordered a Chinese-owned agricultural company to sell its land in the state. These actions demonstrate a commitment to safeguarding America’s interests and ensuring national security.

To conclude, Governor Parson’s executive order reinforces the importance of protecting military and intelligence assets within Missouri. By banning land purchases near military bases by foreign nationals or companies associated with China or Russia, the governor demonstrates a commitment to preventing security threats and safeguarding the state from potential espionage activities. As China and other foreign adversaries pose a risk to national security, taking commonsense precautions, as emphasized by Governor Parson, is essential to protect Missourians and the state’s security resources.

Written by Staff Reports

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