Biden Sends Ominous Threat To Elon Musk

I have discussed how Joe Biden and the Democrats don't seem to be adequately shaken by the election results, despite the fact that they have probably just lost the House and the Senate at this time.

When questioned by a reporter what he thought about more than 70% of Americans believing the country was going in the wrong direction, Biden refused to acknowledge that he needed to do anything or that he'd done anything wrong.

But when their poor behavior isn't appropriately called out, they believe they can keep doing it. Biden made a comment about Elon Musk that was both horrifying and completely incorrect. A reporter questioned him about if he believed Elon Musk posed a "danger" to "national security" and whether he ought to look into Musk's "joint acquisition of Twitter" with other nations like the Saudis.

When a Democrat like Joe Biden is in charge, the media believes they can use their worst excesses to get rid of someone they disagree with. Musk's offense? not being a staunch Democrat who would run Twitter to support their message. The Saudis had previously invested in Twitter. Nobody appeared to care about that at all. It's now a matter that needs to be looked into. Funny how, while liberals were in charge, they weren't disturbed by the Saudi involvement. The Saudis even attempted to obstruct or criticize Musk's acquisition at one point. That didn't appear to bother the reporters. So it's not like Musk had any relationships that were very concerning, but it sounds like a justification for pursuing him.

The appropriate response should be that we don't look into persons who are political adversaries or members of the media. Of course, Biden didn't actually say that. Following an evil chuckle, Biden appeared to carefully consider his words. However, the conclusion was still "yes," that it was "worthy of being looked at."

Think about what President Donald Trump may have said. Biden is effectively directing action against a guy who suggested that people vote for Republicans for Congress, and we would never hear the end of "the assault on media" and the "fascism."

In response to that query, you'll also notice that Biden is reviewing his notes. How did he know they were going to ask such a question, which one would assume is very inappropriate? He was prepared, is the response. Therefore, this wasn't just a terrible response; it was a well-planned response that was intended to stifle expression and convey the idea that acting contrary to the narrative could have negative effects. Everyone should be concerned about what is being said here. He can harm anyone else if he can do it to the world's richest guy.

How ironic that response is given that Joe, Jim, and Hunter Biden are the three people whose links to foreign governments require scrutiny and pose a risk to national security.

Mike Collins, who recently won the Georgia House contest for the 10th District, responded to Biden by saying that the next Congress will be looking into a "few things (people)," but they weren't going to start with Elon.

That's probably a message to Biden, but the GOP needs to behave more fascistically and stop it.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Red State.

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