Biden Silent as Pro-Palestinian Campus Protests Escalate

Amid the recent pro-Palestinian protests sweeping college campuses across the nation, many Americans are finding themselves wondering, “Where is Biden?” This sentiment has gained traction on the social media platform X, as Joe Biden appears to have been noticeably absent during this crisis.

On X, users are sharing edited images of Biden eating ice cream juxtaposed with the intense protests, as well as posting numerous inquiries about his whereabouts in the midst of the chaos. The phrase “Where is Biden?” has become a trending topic, with individuals seeking some kind of response from the president.

Even NewsNation correspondent Kellie Meyer pointed out the Deputy Press Secretary’s tepid statement regarding the protests, emphasizing the lack of direct acknowledgment of the violence perpetuated by the protesters and the cause they espouse. This stands in stark contrast to former President Donald Trump’s forceful condemnation of the protesters and their actions.

Many on the right have voiced their support for Israel during this conflict, while Biden’s Democrat base has been divided. Old-school Democrats have aligned themselves with Israel, while some Democrats in Washington have publicly called for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to step down. Meanwhile, the college protesters have garnered support from the far-left voting bloc.

This absence of firm leadership from Biden during this crisis is viewed by many as cowardly, especially coming from the supposed leader of the free world. If Biden aims to secure a chance at winning the election in November, he cannot risk alienating the protesters holding college campuses hostage.

Written by Staff Reports

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