Biden Skates By, Signs Spending Bill Seconds Before Shutdown

President Joe Biden narrowly avoided a government shutdown by signing a temporary spending deal just one hour before federal funding was set to lapse on Oct. 1. This last-minute move prevented any major disruptions or inconveniences for the American people.

The deal, known as a continuing resolution, will maintain current government spending levels and give Congress an additional 45 days to pass its annual appropriations bill. This will ensure funding for the next fiscal year. In addition, the resolution includes $16 billion in supplemental funding for disaster relief, a priority for President Biden.

The continuing resolution received overwhelming bipartisan support in the House of Representatives, a rare display of unity in today’s highly polarized political climate. However, it faced a hurdle in the Senate when Sen. Michael Bennett threatened to stall its passage due to the exclusion of Ukraine aid. This provision had been removed from the bill due to a lack of support from Republicans. Thankfully, Senate leaders were able to reach an agreement with Sen. Bennett to address Ukraine aid separately.

It is encouraging to see lawmakers coming together to find common ground and prioritize the needs of the American people. The resolution passed the Senate with an 88-9 vote, and President Biden wasted no time in signing it into law. This decisive action ensures that the government is funded for the next month and a half.

While this temporary agreement provides a short-term solution, there is still work to be done. Congress will reconvene to resume work on passing its remaining spending bills, including those related to energy and water development. It is crucial that lawmakers continue to work together in a bipartisan manner to address the long-term funding needs of the country.

Overall, this near-government shutdown serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible governance and the need for timely action. It is heartening to see bipartisan support for this temporary spending deal, and it is a positive sign for future cooperation on fiscal matters.

Written by Staff Reports

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