Biden Slammed for Putting Migrants over American Citizens in Stunning Podium Swap

President Joe Biden’s recent gesture of handing over his presidential podium to an illegal migrant, Javier Quiroz Castro, has sent shockwaves through conservative circles. The move was clearly calculated to reinvigorate his progressive base, who are deeply concerned about the administration’s pro-migrant policies. Castro’s emotional speech about his parents bringing him to the U.S. illegally at a young age was met with cheers from the progressive activists in the room, painting a picture of the American dream that seems to prioritize migrants over American citizens.

The progressive narrative pushed by Biden and his allies suggests that the U.S. is a nation meant to uplift millions of migrants, irrespective of the desires of American citizens. This sentiment was echoed by Biden himself, who praised Castro as a symbol of a “better and stronger nation.” The underlying message seems to be that illegal migrants are more valuable to the country than law-abiding American citizens.

Biden’s focus on amnesty for illegal migrants and plans to fast-track them into desirable white-collar jobs through programs like H-1B has raised concerns among conservatives. The administration’s emphasis on celebrating migrants while overlooking the struggles and aspirations of hardworking American families does not sit well with those who prioritize the well-being of their fellow citizens over non-citizens.

The contrast between the Democrats’ pro-migrant stance and the reality faced by many Americans is stark. Polls indicate a growing rejection of the Democrats’ migration policies, with a majority of registered voters supporting the deportation of undocumented immigrants. The economic impact of mass migration, including lower wages, reduced job opportunities, and higher living costs, weighs heavily on working-class Americans, including Hispanics, who are hit hardest by these policies.

Biden’s administration’s apparent disregard for the concerns of American citizens in favor of advancing a globalist, pro-migrant agenda is a point of contention for many on the right. The focus on prioritizing migrants over Americans in the job market and economy only widens the divide between the administration and those who believe in putting the interests of American citizens first.

Written by Staff Reports

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