Biden Speeches Regularly Edited for Accuracy, White House Records Show

The White House communications team has been active in changing President Biden’s public statements for accuracy and consistency with administration policies, according to a recent analysis of official transcripts. Since January 1, the president’s spoken words have been corrected at least 148 times, averaging about nine mistakes per week.

These corrections cover 118 events, including formal speeches, impromptu statements, and interactions with the press from January 1 to April 24. Several instances revealed that the edited remarks in the official transcripts were notably different from Mr. Biden’s original statements.

For example, the White House transcript of President Biden’s State of the Union address in March read, “It was then, through my American Rescue Plan — which every Republican voted against, I might add — we made the largest investment in public safety ever.” Another correction was to a statement made during Mr. Biden’s April 17 remarks on new initiatives to protect U.S. steel in Pittsburgh, where the transcript read, “America is rising. And we have the best economy in the world, which we do.”

Moreover, the revisions encompass corrections to proper nouns, dates, specific terminologies associated with organizations, verbs, and entire statements, in order to align with official White House positions or factual accuracy. The White House also added words or phrases for clarification or context.

In light of these findings, it appears that the White House communications staff has been diligent in ensuring that President Biden’s public statements accurately reflect the administration’s policies and positions.

Written by Staff Reports

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