Disney Heiress Halts Donations to Democrats Over Biden Leadership

Abigail Disney, the heiress of the famous Disney fortune, has decided she’s done donating her millions to the Democratic Party until Joe Biden is off the ticket. Disney, from the family that co-founded the Walt Disney Company, announced that she wouldn’t be sending another penny to the Democrats unless they give Grandpa Joe the boot for the 2024 run.

So, the Disney heiress made her declaration just this past Thursday, highlighting her continued love for the party but a strong disdain for Biden sticking around. Clearly, her family’s massive media empire isn’t enough to distract her from the Democrats’ incompetence. It’s becoming a bit more cartoonish than any Disney animation.

Apparently, Disney has a keen eye on politics, as she’s convinced that the Democrats are heading for a loss if Biden remains their knight in not-so-shining armor. She insists that the stakes are too high (perhaps higher than Space Mountain) and Biden, despite being a “good man,” just isn’t cutting it. She’s sure that the Democrats will lose without a replacement, and she’s not alone in this assessment.

Joining forces with other prominent Democratic donors like Karla Jurvetson and Gideon Stein, Disney is not hiding her disappointment. The situation seems so dire that even some in her wealthy circle believe pulling the plug on Biden’s run might prevent an electoral apocalypse. Perhaps the “D” in Disney now stands for “Dump Biden.”

In a move that’s hardly surprising for a former Trump critic, President Donald Trump has seen a surge in post-debate polls, even pulling ahead of Biden by a 3.3% average according to RealClearPolitics. No wonder the Democratic camp is in a blind panic – their dream team isn’t exactly winning hearts and minds.

Of course, Disney’s got ideas on who should step up, hinting strongly at Vice President Kamala Harris, while suggesting that only racism and sexism can explain why Democrats aren’t ready to rally around her. This may be the first time Disneyland was associated with such lofty social judgment. Who knew fairytales could get so political?

And despite all the noise, Biden isn’t budging. He seems to have as much resolve as a theme park statue, showing no intention of stepping down. Meanwhile, Democrats watch their chances evaporate like a mirage in the desert. Disney might want to lend them a magic wand because they’re going to need more than a sprinkle of pixie dust to deal with this mess.

Written by Staff Reports

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