Biden Stumbles as Polls Favor Trump: Obama Insiders Sound Alarm

In the latest round of blows for President Joe Biden, polls all over the country continue to show him trailing behind his predecessor, former President Donald Trump. These unsettling figures have caused former Obama administration officials and campaign staffers to lash out at the Biden 2024 campaign, accusing them of keeping Biden hidden away from the public eye and off the campaign trail.

One such critic, former Obama senior advisor David Axelrod, didn’t hold back when he took a swipe at the Biden campaign, insisting that they need to rev up their efforts and craft a message that speaks to everyday concerns of the people. He emphasized the importance of drawing parallels between Biden and Trump on issues that directly impact people’s daily lives, not just focusing on broad democratic ideals.

As Biden seems to gingerly ramp up his public appearances, former President Barack Obama has announced his plans to attend a fundraiser for the incumbent Democrat in March. The event, organized by ActBlue, will also feature the presence of former President Bill Clinton, further raising the stakes for Biden’s campaign.

The Obamas’ increased involvement in the political arena has fueled speculations about former First Lady Michelle Obama’s potential interest in seeking political office. Critics have pointed to a recent remark by Michelle Obama as evidence of her apprehension about Biden’s performance, where she expressed fear of the potential outcomes in the upcoming election and appeared to advocate for a stronger governmental role in citizens’ lives.

It’s clear that the Biden camp is feeling the heat, with even prominent figures from their own party expressing concerns about their campaign strategy and messaging. The continued support and involvement of the Obama and Clinton associations further highlight the growing unease within the Democratic party regarding Biden’s performance and the upcoming election.

Written by Staff Reports

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