Biden SUES Arizona For Doing His Own Job For Him

The Biden administration filed a lawsuit against the state of Arizona just days before the Title 42 protections were set to expire. This is further evidence of how the president is unwilling to enforce the laws of the country.

For months now, Arizona has been building a wall along its border using shipping containers. This is to stop the illegal immigrants from entering the country.

The Biden administration sued Arizona over the use of shipping containers for a border wall. The purpose of the wall was to stop the flow of illegal immigrants into the country. It was constructed using the containers.

According to the lawsuit, the shipping containers aren’t allowed to use federal land. The government claims that the makeshift structure poses a threat to public safety and hinders law enforcers' ability to perform their duties.

Jonathan Fahey, a former director of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, criticized the lawsuit on Fox News.

Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona, has been very aggressive in addressing the issue of illegal immigrants entering the state.

According to a report in the New York Post, the governor of Arizona ordered the construction of a shipping container wall along the state's border due to the increasing number of immigrants entering the country.

On Tuesday, the state's governor, Doug, notified the Department of Justice that the state is ready to work with federal officials on the border wall project. However, work on the project has been stopped.

C.J. Karamargin, a spokesperson for the governor of Arizona, stated that the shipping containers were originally constructed to address the issue of an insecure border.

In March, the governor of Arizona sued the heads of various federal agencies for their refusal to allow the state to continue with the project of using shipping containers for the border wall.

The use of shipping containers for the border wall is an example of the state's disregard for the law. The Biden administration has also filed a lawsuit against the state, asking to block Arizona's efforts to address the issue of illegal immigration.

The actions taken by the Biden administration are in response to the Trump's new legislation aimed at protecting American communities from violence, criminals, and illegal immigrants. It was also outrageous for Biden to support illegal immigrants.

It is time for the federal government to step up its efforts to protect Americans and demand a secure border.

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