Biden Targets Abbott’s Border Buoys: Patriotic Defense Under Fire!

The Biden Administration has once again shown its true colors by interfering with Texas Governor Greg Abbott's efforts to secure the border with Mexico. In a clear political move, the administration proposed federal protection for two mussel species, which could prevent the governor from using water buoys along the border.

Dawn Buckingham, the commissioner of the Texas General Land Office, criticized the administration for using the endangered species act as a tool for political purposes. She also noted that the proposed regulations would add unnecessary red tape and undo the good work that the law has done.

The Biden Administration's actions show that they are more concerned with advancing their agenda than with the success of conservation groups and state and local officials.

The Fish and Wildlife Service stated that the populations of two freshwater mussels would likely decline over the next couple of decades. They cited studies that predict the animals could become extinct in about 50 years.

This listing could force Abbott to remove the water buoys he uses along the border. It also could prevent him from using them in the future. It's outrageous that the administration is focused on protecting these mussels instead of safeguarding the country from the illegal immigration that's affecting our region.

Jodey Arrington, the Republican chairman of the House Budget Committee, criticized the Biden Administration for allowing thousands of migrants to enter the Rio Grande while ignoring the threats to the mussels' critical habitat.

This latest attempt by the Biden Administration to interfere with Abbott's efforts at addressing the border crisis is the latest example of how they are determined to continue to obstruct the governor's efforts. In fact, the Department of Justice tried to shut down the water buoys earlier this year, claiming they could threaten public safety, humanitarian concerns, and navigation. It's clear that they will do everything in their power to prevent the implementation of the governor's policies.

It's clear the Biden Administration's priorities are out of whack. Instead of prioritizing their own political goals, they should be focusing on the country's security and safety.

Written by Staff Reports

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