Biden Team Caught Feeding Press Questions, Promises to Stop Amid Scandal

President Joe Biden’s team is once again caught in the act, this time trying to save face by claiming they will stop handing out questions to press members. The New York Post recently revealed this tidbit, citing an anonymous source familiar with Biden’s media operations.

Apparently, after two local radio hosts spilled the beans on being spoon-fed questions for their interviews with Biden, the truth couldn’t be contained any longer. Andrea-Lawful Sanders and Earl Ingram, who both snagged interviews with the President following a lackluster debate performance, shared how Biden’s team had prepped them with questions they wanted asked.

None of this should come as a shock to those paying attention. The Biden White House has a reputation for meticulously orchestrating their interactions with the media. While Biden’s team promising to cease the Q&A handouts may seem like a step in the right direction, one can’t help but wonder if it’s just a tactic to cover their tracks from here on out – especially after these revelations.

As expected, the fallout from this latest debacle isn’t just hitting Biden and his aides, but also the radio hosts themselves. WURD decided to part ways with Lawful-Sanders, while Ingram, for now, remains in his position. This whole charade just goes to show that when you tangle with the truth, someone’s bound to get caught in the web of deception.

Written by Staff Reports

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