Biden Touts Economic Plans in Wisconsin, Highlights Microsoft’s $3.3B Investment

President Biden is once again heading to a state where he’ll talk about his plans for the economy. He’s going to Racine, Wisconsin, to shine a spotlight on Microsoft’s decision to invest in a $3.3 billion data center that’s expected to create around 2,000 jobs. This is seen as a direct contrast to former President Trump’s support for a project by the company Foxconn, which never came to fruition.

Microsoft’s president Brad Smith praised the Biden administration and Democratic Gov. Tony Evers for their economic policies, saying they set the stage for the new investment. The Biden campaign is also launching a $14 million advertising campaign aimed at Black, Latino, and Asian American voters, as part of their efforts to reach out to minority communities. The campaign will include digital and television ads, with a focus on issues like healthcare. 


The Biden team is hoping to build on their fundraising advantage over Trump, with plans to invest in Black and Hispanic media, as well as Asian American print and radio. They also plan to continue targeted outreach to minority communities and launch more coalition groups focusing on specific blocs of voters. By the end of May, the campaign will have more than 200 offices and roughly 500 staff in place, including in key battleground states.

Microsoft’s investment in Racine is expected to bring thousands of construction jobs in the short term, with about 500 full-time employees once the data center is operational. The company’s president emphasized the broader impact on the region and the competitiveness of manufacturing in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Racine County has been a historically important location in presidential elections, with the majority of past winning candidates having carried it. Both Biden and Trump are vying to win over voters in this critical county, as polls show the race to be very close in Wisconsin.

Republicans are pointing to voter enthusiasm and polling data as signs of strong support for their party, with more Republicans than Democrats participating in the state’s recent primary election.

Written by Staff Reports

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