Biden & Trump: Unraveling the Thread of Presidential Corruption!

Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and a strong backer of former President Donald Trump, didn't hold back when he talked about the recent indictment of Trump by special counsel Jack Smith. During an interview on Newsmax, Giuliani slammed the indictment, saying that it violated the rights of the former president.

Giuliani, who is thought to be one of the six unknown co-conspirators on the indictment, said, "I stopped being careful a long time ago, and I don't worry about Jack Smiths." He then mentioned a part in his book called "Stand up to Bullies," which made it sound like Smith was being a bully by trying to get Trump indicted.

The former mayor didn't hide his dislike for Smith. He said that Smith should have found a different job after the Supreme Court threw out a case involving Trump. Giuliani yelled, "This one will be your legacy: violating an American's right to free speech."

Giuliani stressed that it didn't matter if Trump was the president or a homeless person, because no one should have their First Amendment rights abused. He thought that Smith was acting like a shady lawyer, and he thought that this charge should be the last one against him.

It's clear that Giuliani thinks Trump's rights are being stomped on and that Smith is acting out of spite, not because he wants justice. As the legal fight goes on, it is still unclear how this indictment will affect both Trump and the people who are accused of working with him.

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