Biden Under Fire for Funding Iran Amid Attacks on Israel

The Biden administration is facing new pressure over continuing to give Iran access to billions of dollars, despite the recent attack on Israel by Iran. The attack was described as an unprecedented and unacceptable act of war by senior advisor Richard Goldberg. He criticized Biden’s decision to renew a sanctions waiver, giving Iran access to upwards of $10 billion, as a sign of desperation for a renewed nuclear deal. Lawmakers on Capitol Hill also raised concerns about this funding, with Senator Ted Cruz accusing the Biden administration of making Americans and Israelis catastrophically more vulnerable.

Furthermore, the Treasury Department admitted that the money being given to Iran is used for illicit activities. The decision to renew the sanctions waiver has been heavily criticized, especially in light of Iran’s aggression towards Israel from various fronts. Many conservative political figures have emphasized their support for Israel and their opposition to the Biden administration’s policies regarding Iran, asserting that such funding only serves to make the situation in the Middle East more dangerous.

Written by Staff Reports

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