Biden Unmasked: Secret Hate for Trump Belies Unity Charade

President Joe Biden, the so-called “uniter in chief,” has been caught once again letting his true feelings show. According to Politico’s “West Wing Playbook,” Biden’s disdain for former President Donald Trump is not just a public show – oh no, it’s even worse behind closed doors.

Sources close to the situation reveal that Biden’s hatred for Trump has only grown as the former president continues to gain traction within the GOP. He reportedly refers to Trump as a “sick f***” and a “f***ing a**hole” in private conversations. Not exactly the picture of unity, is it?

Even when addressing Trump’s jokes about an attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Biden couldn’t hold back. When Trump made light of the situation at a California GOP convention, Biden was quick to condemn his “sick” behavior.

But wait, there’s more! The report also details Biden calling Trump a “loser” in his private conversations. It’s clear that the “uniter in chief” doesn’t have much unity to spread around when it comes to Trump.

Even left-leaning Politico was forced to admit that Biden’s private insults go against the image he tries to project as someone working to reduce the level of incivility and acrimony in politics. Can we say hypocrite?

And of course, when Politico reached out to the White House for comment, they predictably declined. But the Trump campaign didn’t hold back, calling out Biden’s lack of respect for the presidency, both in public and private.

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In conclusion, it’s clear that President Biden’s attempts to portray himself as a unifier are nothing but a farce. His private disdain for former President Trump is not the behavior of a leader seeking to bring the country together. It’s time for Biden to take a long, hard look in the mirror and start practicing what he preaches.

Written by Staff Reports

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