Biden Urged to Pardon Mosby Amid Political Pressure Despite Guilty Verdicts

The former Maryland State’s Attorney for Baltimore, Marilyn Mosby, was found guilty of perjury and mortgage fraud in separate federal criminal cases. She could face up to 40 years in prison. Some groups, including the NAACP, are asking President Biden to pardon her before sentencing. This is despite the fact that a Biden-appointed U.S. attorney prosecuted and won the cases. It seems strange that these groups are blaming the Trump administration for Mosby’s convictions, even though they happened under President Biden’s watch.

Mosby was convicted of perjury for falsely claiming financial hardship during the pandemic to withdraw $90,000 from a compensation plan. Prosecutors proved she did not suffer any hardship. She also lied on a mortgage application to buy property in Florida. The U.S. attorney responsible for these cases was appointed by President Biden. The groups calling for Mosby’s pardon seem to ignore these important facts and instead blame the previous administration.

The NAACP and other groups believe Mosby was wrongfully convicted and claim it was a result of political persecution. They point to a speech by former Attorney General Bill Barr and Mosby’s threat to prosecute federal agents during protests. They want President Biden to pardon her and investigate other cases of what they call “selective prosecution” under the Trump administration. These groups are making baseless claims and trying to shift the blame away from Mosby’s actions and onto political reasons.

It is important to remember that justice should be blind and apply equally to everyone, regardless of their race or position. It is concerning that these groups are trying to politicize Mosby’s convictions and overlook the evidence against her. President Biden should not interfere with the justice system and should let the legal process play out. Granting a pardon to Mosby would undermine the rule of law and send the wrong message that powerful individuals are above accountability.

Written by Staff Reports

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