Bidenomics” Unleashed: Biden Dishes Out His Economic Plans Live!

President Joe Biden took to the podium in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to deliver a speech about his economic plan, which he has coined “Bidenomics.” He claims that his plan will focus on growing the economy from the middle and bottom, rather than from the top down. Well, that’s a relief! Because we all know how well top-down approaches have worked in the past, right? (Spoiler alert: they haven’t).

But let’s not get too excited just yet. Despite Biden’s attempts to spin “Bidenomics” into a catchy campaign slogan, the American people aren’t buying it. Polls have consistently shown that voters are pessimistic about the economy under Biden’s leadership. It’s not surprising, considering the skyrocketing inflation, rising gas prices, and stagnant job growth that we’ve seen under his administration.

It’s clear that Bidenomics is just more of the same failed policies that we’ve seen from the left for years. Higher taxes, more government regulation, and a disregard for free market principles are not the keys to a thriving economy. But hey, at least Biden can give a good speech, right? Too bad his words don’t match his actions.

Written by Staff Reports

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