Biden’s $100M to Gaza: No Israel Pushback or Just Fantasy?

Despite the intense backlash President Joe Biden has received for his decision to give $100 million to Gaza and the West Bank, he claims to have received “no pushback” from Israel. Now, isn’t that interesting? It seems like the president has been living in a fantasy land where everyone loves his reckless spending of taxpayer dollars.

Biden, with his head held high, stood before reporters and boasted about his trip to Israel, where he spent a whole few hours before rushing back home. According to him, Israeli leaders didn’t reject his announcement of giving hundreds of millions of dollars to terrorist countries. Well, isn’t that reassuring? It’s nice to know that our tax dollars are being welcomed with open arms by those who seek to destroy our ally in the Middle East.

But let’s not forget the real victims here: the American hostages. While Biden was busy doling out cash to terrorist organizations, not a single American hostage was brought home. Isn’t that just splendid? I’m sure the families of those hostages are thrilled to hear that their loved ones were apparently not a priority during Biden’s little visit to Israel.

And it doesn’t stop there. The organizations that will receive this generous humanitarian aid are known to have ties to Hamas and other terrorist groups. Just brilliant. We’re funding corruption, folks. The Palestinian Authority officials in the West Bank are notorious for their corruption, and yet here we are, blindly handing over our hard-earned money.

But wait, there’s more. Biden has also made it clear that if the terrorist group Hezbollah were to attack Israel, the United States would not back our ally. It’s as if he’s sending a signal to these terrorists that they can do whatever they want without consequence. Way to have Israel’s back, Mr. President. I’m sure they feel really secure knowing that the leader of the free world won’t lift a finger to help them if they’re under attack.

To top it all off, Biden referred to Palestine terrorists as the “other team” after an explosion at a Gaza hospital. Is that supposed to be some kind of clever wordplay? It’s not a game, Mr. President. Lives are at stake. But instead of holding the terrorists accountable for their actions, Biden seems to play both sides, conveniently blaming whoever suits his narrative. It’s disgraceful.

President Biden’s decision to give $100 million to Gaza and the West Bank is nothing short of reckless and dangerous. He claims to have received no pushback from Israel, but it’s clear that he’s out of touch with the realities on the ground. Our tax dollars should not be funding corruption and terrorism. It’s time for real leadership that puts America and its allies first.

Written by Staff Reports

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