Biden’s 17.4% Price Hike Nightmare: Even NYT Whines about Expensive Meals!

Cost of Living Soars Under President Biden: Prices Increase by 17.4% Since Taking Office

The cost of living has skyrocketed under President Biden’s watch, with prices surging by a staggering 17.4% since he took office. It’s no wonder households are feeling the pinch, now having to spend over $700 per month on goods and services that cost significantly less just two years ago. Vice President Kamala Harris’s claim that the administration has lowered the cost of living for “so many people” is absolutely absurd. Come on, Kamala, we’re not buying it!

The evidence of rising prices is everywhere. Just this week, even the elite media couldn’t help but complain. A New York Times columnist took to Twitter to share a photo of his meal at Newark Liberty International Airport, a simple burger, fries, and an alcoholic beverage. The shocking part? The total cost came out to a mind-boggling $78! Apparently, this columnist believes that American consumers can stomach such astronomical prices. Well, we’re not lovin’ it!

But hold on a second, folks. As it turns out, this overpriced meal at the airport was nothing more than a case of one journalist’s exaggeration. The restaurant, 1911 Smoke House BBQ, quickly debunked the claim, revealing that the only way the bill could’ve reached such heights is if the columnist ordered “two doubles” of the expensive whiskey. Talk about trying to sneak one past us!

The restaurant wasted no time in taking a dig at the columnist’s unreasonably high bar tab. They even created a special menu item called the “D Brooks Special” priced at a reasonable $17.78. Ah, the sweet taste of conservative humor! The establishment’s response on Facebook perfectly captured the absurdity of the situation, reminding the world that while some complain about the cost of their meals, they conveniently forget about the hefty price of their drinks. Cheers to that!

Naturally, the Twitterverse had a field day with Brooks’ tweet, with many calling out his exaggerated claims and ridiculing his ignorance. Even Twitter couldn’t ignore the backlash, slapping a Community Note on his tweet to indicate that it may contain misleading information. Ouch, that’s gotta sting for someone who thought they were making a powerful statement about the economy.

Let’s be clear here, folks. The rising costs of everyday goods and services are real, and American households are bearing the brunt of it. President Biden and his administration can’t just spin their way out of this one. It’s time for them to take real action to address this economic crisis and provide relief to hardworking Americans. We need policies that promote growth, cut unnecessary regulation, and put money back in the pockets of the people. Until then, we can expect more complaining about overpriced airport meals and a whole lot less progress.

Written by Staff Reports

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