Biden’s 2024 Campaign in Peril? Dem Insider Exposes Media Blackout!

In a scathing interview published on Friday, Rep. Dean Phillips (D-MN) went after President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign and the media, accusing them of keeping voters in the dark about the true state of Biden’s chances in the 2024 election. Phillips, who threw his hat in the ring for the Democratic nomination against Biden, claimed that the President’s precarious position is being deliberately hidden from the public.

According to Phillips, people across the country are oblivious to the tight race between Biden and former President Donald Trump because the mainstream media is failing to give him a platform to highlight the truth. The congressman asserted that conservative media outlets have been more willing to feature him, painting a picture of a biased and censored media landscape that is keeping important information from viewers.

CNN responded to Phillips’s claims by revealing that he had been booked for interviews on their channel seven times since launching his campaign. However, Phillips’s team countered that two of those bookings were canceled, inferring that he was being sidelined by the network. As for MSNBC, they did not respond to the Washington Examiner’s request for comment, further fueling the narrative of a media blackout against Phillips.

In a strategic move, Phillips has concentrated his efforts on New Hampshire, a state where Biden will not appear on the ballot due to a schedule change by the Democratic National Committee. This maneuver, aimed at challenging Biden’s absence, has led to the emergence of a group in the state pushing for a Biden write-in effort to secure his victory. Phillips has seized the opportunity to make headway in a state where the President is not directly competing, demonstrating his willingness to take advantage of the situation.

A recent Emerson College Polling/WHDH New Hampshire survey revealed a 16% support for Phillips among Democratic primary voters, despite his relatively low profile as a congressman. Encouragingly for Phillips, the poll indicated that nearly half of the respondents plan to write in Biden, suggesting a potential opening for Phillips to make significant gains.

While Biden’s support seems to increase with the age of Democratic voters, with Emerson College Polling Executive Director Spencer Kimball noting the rise in support for writing in Biden among older voters, Phillips has resonated more with younger voters, making some headway in a critical demographic.

In the face of an uphill battle against the dominance of the Biden camp and the seemingly biased media landscape, Phillips is fighting to bring attention to the realities of the 2024 reelection race, not afraid to take on the status quo and challenge the narrative being fed to the public.

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