Biden’s 2nd Term: Lesser of Evils? Kamala, Bernie & Meteors Await!

In the ever-changing landscape of American politics, the mere thought of a second term for Sleepy Joe Biden might send shivers down the spines of most rational citizens. However, fear not, dear readers, for there are far more terrifying scenarios lurking in the dark corners of our imaginations.

Picture this: Kamala Harris, the cackling Vice President, reciting the mind-bending works of James Joyce for a whole day. The horror! And to think, she could be just one stumble away from becoming President. The thought alone is more spine-chilling than a winter storm in Alaska.

Then there’s the treacherous waters along the Mexican border, where chaos reigns supreme thanks to the puppet masters behind Biden. It’s enough to make you want to hunker down in the safety of Middle America, far from the madness at the southern frontier.

And let’s not forget the nightmare of a Bernie Sanders presidency. The man who still romanticizes the Soviet Union winning the Oval Office? Now that’s a true horror story in the making.

But perhaps the most terrifying of all is the Sweet Meteor of Death hurtling towards Earth, ready to make dinosaurs out of us all. It’s a grim reminder that, in the grand scheme of things, a second Biden term may not be the end of the world (literally).

So, as we navigate the turbulent waters of modern-day politics, let’s keep our wits about us and remember that, in the game of fearsome scenarios, there’s always something worse waiting in the wings. Stay vigilant, dear readers, and may the forces of reason and conservatism guide us through the stormy seas ahead.

Written by Staff Reports

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