Biden’s $6B Loan Erasure Enrages Right, Vote Pandering?

President Joe Biden’s latest move to forgive $6 billion in student loans for 78,000 public sector workers has conservatives across the nation fuming. The president’s continuous push for student loan forgiveness has sparked outrage from those on the right, who argue that it is an illegal and unjust transfer of wealth from non-college-educated individuals to relatively well-off college graduates.

Biden’s previous attempt at loan forgiveness was shut down by the Supreme Court, but that hasn’t deterred him. He’s now using a different legal authority, the Higher Education Act of 1965, to push through his debt relief plan. The act allows the Secretary of Education to waive or release any right, title, claim, lien, or demand, giving Biden the loophole he needs to continue his student debt write-offs.

Despite the smaller scale of this round of forgiveness, affecting 4 million borrowers instead of 40 million, conservatives still view it as a blatant attempt to buy votes. They argue that the president’s actions do nothing to address the root issue of sky-high college costs and only serve as a political ploy to win favor with indebted voters.

House Education and the Workforce Committee Chairwoman Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is demanding answers from Biden, questioning how canceling student loan debt actually improves the federal student loan system. She believes that the administration should focus on reducing tuition costs, improving degree completion rates, and holding institutions accountable, rather than implementing these forgiveness rounds.

While the president and his administration continue to forge ahead with their debt relief plan, the right is watching closely, waiting for a legal challenge to emerge. So far, no major lawsuits have been brought against Biden’s post-Supreme Court forgiveness efforts, even as he announces new rounds every few weeks.

As Biden sends out emails to borrowers notifying them of their canceled debt, his opponents are doubling down on their criticism. They believe that his alternative path to canceling student loans is unconstitutional and is merely a desperate attempt to gain popularity and support. The battle over student loan forgiveness rages on as conservatives vow to hold the administration accountable for what they see as an egregious abuse of executive power.

Written by Staff Reports

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